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About Me

Illustration of August, a nonbinary Asian person, against a green & white background. They have light skin, a mess of dark brown hair, and brown eyes. They are wearing a navy blue shirt with a constellation pattern, and a silver septum piercing ring.
Art by Makowwka.

Hi, I’m August! I’m a queer, nonbinary, transmasc sex blogger. I’m in my early 20s, and I use they/them pronouns. This is my blog, where I review sex toys and write about sex, relationships, and life outside of the gender binary.

I started Mx.ed Reviews after not feeling represented in most sex positive spaces. As a disabled, fat, queer and trans Asian American, I wanted an place to share my uncensored experiences.

After growing up in a very sex negative environment, I still have a lot of unlearning to do. I’ve found that talking about my body & sexuality in affirming ways helps to reduce my internalized shame.

When I’m not reviewing toys, I enjoy blogging about topics like mental health, gender, disability, kink, and queerness. I’m not a professional sex educator by any means, just a sex nerd who loves fantasy dildos and despises vibrator patterns.

About Mx.ed Reviews

My reviews are written with accessibility and inclusivity in mind. If I hate a product or if it doesn’t work with my body, I’ll say so. I avoid using gendered language, because gender and genitals are not the same thing!

I only use, review and recommend sex toys that are body safe. Sex toy materials like PVC,[1]Polyvinyl chloride, aka “vinyl.” and TPE/TPR[2]Thermoplastic elastomer and thermoplastic rubber, aka “jelly” or “Ultraskyn.” are porous and can harbor bacteria. Since those materials aren’t sterilizable, they could cause infections and leach chemicals into places that they shouldn’t be. I’m committed to spreading awareness of toxic sex toy materials – our bodies deserve better!

My blog exists as a platform to advocate for sex positivity and promote body literacy. I aim to normalize conversations around queer and trans sexuality.


1 Polyvinyl chloride, aka “vinyl.”
2 Thermoplastic elastomer and thermoplastic rubber, aka “jelly” or “Ultraskyn.”
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