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Review: Size Matters Clitoral Pumping System

Image of a black bulb-style pump connected to a short piece of clear hosing. Next to the pump is a measuring tape and a cylinder laying on its side.

Clit pumps can enhance sensation & stimulation during solo or partnered sex. They’re also used by some transmasc and nonbinary folks to increase clit size. Because I’m a sex toy reviewer and I’m also trans, I’ll be discussing clit pumping from both perspectives.


The Size Matters Clitoral Pumping System includes a bulb-style squeezy pump[1]This is definitely not the official term, but I don’t know how else to describe it? with a clear hose attached. In addition, there’s a small plastic cylinder that can be detached from the pump. It’s packaged in a bright pink box with some very gendered language, which is less than ideal.

Materials & Care

The cylinder is made from acrylic, which is a body-safe hard plastic that can be sterilized with a wipedown of rubbing alcohol.[2]It’s best to use 70% isopropyl alcohol for this. After sterilizing and for everyday cleaning, I use soap and water to clean the cylinder.

At the time of purchase, I didn’t realize that the bulb and hose parts are made from PVC. Porous materials like PVC cannot be sterilized and aren’t body safe. Since unsafe materials can damage silicone toys, they should be stored separately. Although the hose and pump aren’t in direct contact with my genitals, I’m still wary of the materials.

A clothespin is shown next to the cylinder, for scale.
Cylinder shown next to a clothespin for scale.


Size Matters Clit Pump Measurements:

  • Fully assembled length: 12″
  • Hose length: 2″
  • Cylinder length: 3′
  • Internal cylinder diameter: 1.6″

I’ve only been on testosterone for 2 months, so this size works for me. With that being said, I’ll probably outgrow the cylinder soon. This clit pump wouldn’t be a good fit for people who have experienced significant bottom growth.


Putting this clit pump together is a pretty straightforward process. I just have to line up the end of the hose and cylinder, then push the hose down slightly. Once fully assembled, I find the bulb relatively easy to squeeze and operate with one hand. In order to detach the cylinder from the pump, I have to press down on a small metal tab at the top of the cylinder. This requires a moderate amount of applied pressure, and might be challenging to folks with limited hand mobility.

My first time using the Size Matters Clitoral Pumping System was a learning experience. After applying a small amount of lube, I put on the cylinder and squeezed the bulb, hard. For some reason, my brain didn’t make the connection that more pressure equals more suction, and my dick was painfully sucked two-thirds of the way into the cylinder. My first instinct was to get the cylinder off of my body and as far away from me as possible. When I couldn’t easily pull it off, I panicked.[3]I wanted instant results, which I got, but anxiety was not the result I had in mind. Be careful what you wish for. Thankfully, the knob on the side of the hose is a pressure release valve, and I was able to remove the cylinder after a few minutes.

The pump and cylinder parts fully assembled and attacched.
The pump, hose, and cylinder fully assembled

After this unfortunate incident,[4]To put it lightly. it took a week for me to work up the nerve to try pumping again. This time, I practiced using the clit pump on the palm of my hand first so I could better understand the suction levels. I recommend doing this before pumping for the first time. Learn from my mistakes.

My Experience

Once I figured out how to properly use the clit pump, I tried using it before several different masturbation sessions. For the most part, my dick would either end up being too sensitive to touch. At other times, it would feel completely desensitized after pumping. There was no happy medium with this clit pump.

My sensitivity levels were already heightened from being on T, but pumping made it overwhelmingly intense. Although I can come from penetration, I disliked being unable to use external stimulation. It was kind of fun to see how big I could get and made for some great dick pics. However, the pump didn’t do much for me sexually beyond visuals. 

I was slightly more successful with pumping for gender related reasons in non-sexual scenarios. Because I’m dedicated to my craft™ and am also a nerd, I wanted to see if consistent pumping would impact my bottom growth. For one month, I pumped 5-6 days a week, and left the cylinder on for 15 minutes per day.

Because of bottom dysphoria, I wasn’t keen on sitting around pants-less for all of that time. I eventually started using the clit pump before detaching the hose from the cylinder. Then, I’d put on a pair of button-fly boxers and awkwardly put my dick through the unbuttoned part until it was time to remove the cylinder. Was it the simplest process? No. But it was a hell of a lot better than sitting alone and having bad genderfeels for 15 minutes daily.

Part of the assembled pump is shown next to a measuring tape.

By the end of the month, I had grown about 0.25 inches/0.6 cm in length. I have no idea how much of that was from using a clit pump, and how much of it was just from being on testosterone. It’s still exciting nonetheless. 


Ultimately, I found the Size Matters Clitoral Pumping System to be okay-ish. I wouldn’t recommend this product as a means of increasing pleasure or sensation. However, it is a decent product for trans folks looking to explore pumping. The small cylinder size means that it might not fit larger anatomies on T.

Since this specific product is not 100% body safe, I’m linking a body-safe alternative that is similar in appearance and price.

Buy the Temptasia Beginner’s Clitoral Pumping System for $19 at Betty’s Toy Box.

Use the promo code “AUGUST” to get 10% off at checkout!

I purchased this toy myself, and was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy.

This post contains affiliate links.


1 This is definitely not the official term, but I don’t know how else to describe it?
2 It’s best to use 70% isopropyl alcohol for this.
3 I wanted instant results, which I got, but anxiety was not the result I had in mind. Be careful what you wish for.
4 To put it lightly.

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