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Review: Boundless Boxer Brief Harness

The Boundless Boxer Brief Harness is laying flat against a white background. There's a single flower on its right side.

I’m a simple person – I love strap-on sex, and I have a lot of it. Since I’m always looking to expand my collection of dick options & dick accessories, I jumped at the chance to review a new strap-on harness from Betty’s Toy Box.

The Boundless Boxer Brief Harness is a 2-in-1 harness made by Calexotics. Although it’s intended to hold both dildos and soft packers, it’s not my favorite for packing. However, I think it’s a decent alternative to some pricier brief style strap-on harnesses.


I’m usually indifferent to packaging, but I was excited to find a list of different pronouns & gender identities printed on the box. Major sex toy manufacturers rarely include trans people in their marketing; nonbinary identities are acknowledged even less often. 

Sadly, my excitement was short lived. Upon turning the box over, I noticed a blurb about how Calexotics products are made for “men, women and couples.” Considering that Calexotics names their products things like the Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol Goddess vibrator,[1]Dildoodler wrote a hilarious review of this poorly named toy, which I highly recommend reading. I can’t say I’m surprised. It was still a little disappointing, though.

2 side by side photos of the Boundless Boxer Harness' packaging.
You could have just said people, Susan. 


For the most part, the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness looks like a regular pair of boxer briefs. Since the waistband has no logos or branding, this brief harness can be worn discreetly under pants in public. These could also work with dresses, skirts or even longer pairs of shorts! However, this brief harness isn’t ideal if you’re undressing around other people (like in a locker room) due to the visible o-ring at the front.

Materials & Care

According to the label, the main part of these boxer briefs is 78% nylon and 22% spandex. Meanwhile, the waistband is 48% nylon, 35% polyester and 17% spandex.

To put it simply, the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness is made from a swimsuit-like fabric. The cloth is slightly shiny, and more sheer than I’d like.[2]In an effort to preserve my dignity, I’m wearing underwear beneath the harness in these photos. While I don’t need my harnesses to be super squat proof, I always feel a little self-conscious wearing these.

August is wearing the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness and a black binder. They have one hand on their back, with their other hand resting at their side.

In order to extend the Boundless Boxers’ lifespan, it’s best to hand wash them in cold water before hanging them up to dry.


I’m not going to lie – I totally requested the wrong size of this product. In my defense, I couldn’t find a size chart for the Boundless Boxer Briefs anywhere. Since Betty’s Toy Box only had sizes S/M and L/XL in stock at the time, I decided to go with the L/XL version. For reference purposes, I’m 5’9” and typically wear a size 16 or 18 in jeans.

Due to the fact that it’s made of mostly synthetic materials, I figured it would be stretchy enough to work. While the main part of the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness is indeed stretchy, the waistband has barely any give. The waistband’s lack of flexibility is annoying at best, and constricting at worst.

A size chart for the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness.
Note: the numbers here refer to body measurements, not the measurements of the harness itself.

I eventually found the sizing info on another retailer’s website, which I used to make the size chart above. Although the L/XL size technically fits me, this harness definitely runs small. I think the 2XL/3XL would’ve been a more comfortable fit.


As a Packing Harness

When it comes to functionality, the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness misses the mark as a packing harness. Here are a few reasons why I don’t love it for soft packing.

On the left is a drawing of what actually happens to packers with this harness - they slowly make their way downwards. On the right is what they're supposed to do - stay supported by a seam that keeps them in place.
Since there’s nothing to support my packer, it tends to slip downwards (left). I assumed there would be a seam to create a secure pouch (right), but there isn’t one.

The Nonexistent Internal Pocket

While this harness is advertised as having a “secure internal pocket” to hold packers in place, the “pocket” in question isn’t much of a pocket at all. While there are 3 panels of fabric behind the o-ring, these boxers lack a seam at the bottom to prevent my packer from slipping. Because of this issue, packing with the Boundless Boxers isn’t much better than free packing with regular underwear. It’s a little tricky to explain, so hopefully the picture above can illustrate this better.

The Swamp Crotch Situation

Gross, but true. Since the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness contains mostly synthetic materials, it’s hot and not very breathable. Especially on warmer days, it doesn’t take long before I start sweating in this harness. The fabric tends to trap heat and moisture inside, which isn’t a pleasant feeling. I’m very prone to BV and yeast infections, so I’m always nervous about these boxers leading to a pH imbalance.

The Weird O-Ring Placement

Because these harness briefs have a higher o-ring placement, positioning my packer is a challenge. I usually prefer to pack light[3]We’re talking about my (silicone) peen size here, not my traveling habits. for a less visible bulge. However, it’s impossible to position my packer that high without looking like I have a massive boner. I’m not keen on sporting the Crotchimus Maximus look in public, so the Boundless Boxers aren’t practical for everyday packing.

A side-profile view of August wearing the Kudu Voodoo Trex packer in the Boundless Boxers. The packer is positioned fairly high up, right under the o-ring. It looks like August has a massive boner, and they're not a fan.
Big Dick Energy, but at what cost?

As a Strap-On Harness

After trying to pack with these boxer briefs, I had pretty low expectations. To my surprise, the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness performs excellently for strap-on use!

Thanks to the reinforced o-ring and layers of fabric in the front, this harness has really good control. Even with more vigorous thrusting, my dildos are able to stay in place securely. In fact, this has become my go-to strap-on harness when I’m in the mood for rougher sex.[4]And when my partners are down for that as well. Consent is sexy! Since I don’t feel the need to hold toy bases in place with this harness, my hands are free to do other things. 👀

My only complaint with this harness for strap-on use is the 1.5″ o-ring size. While its sturdiness comes in handy during sex, it’s also pretty unyielding and barely stretches at all. The Colours Pleasures Yum Yum dildo, which has a 1.6″ diameter, was a challenge to fit through the o-ring. I don’t think I’d be able to fit any larger toys in this harness, which limits my options quite a bit. For this reason, I’d recommend using dildos with a 1.5″ diameter or less with the Boundless Boxers.

August has strapped on the Colours Pleasures Yum Yum dildo, which looks fantastic in a harness.
The Colours Pleasures Yum Yum dildo looks great in this harness! Unfortunately, it’s less than ideal for strap-on sex.


All things considered, Boundless Boxer Brief Harness is a solid strap-on harness option! I like that it has better control and stability than some other brief harnesses I’ve tried. However, I do wish that the waistband had more elasticity; it can get a little uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The non-breathable fabric is also a drawback for me, but YMMV.

My Recommendations

  • If you’re looking for a strap-on harness to use with smaller toys, the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness may be a good option for you! I’d recommend double-checking your measurements before buying.
  • Due to the limited size range, the Boundless Boxers aren’t ideal for bigger bodies. If you’re looking for a more size-inclusive harness, the Temptasia Harness Briefs go up to a size 5X. The Temptasia Briefs have a lot more stretch than these boxers do, which provides more flexibility with sizing.
  • If you’re looking for a brief-style harness to pack with, the Spareparts Pete Packing Trunks might be a good fit. While it can’t be used as a strap-on harness, the Pete Trunks are compatible with both traditional packers and STPs.
  • When it comes to 2-in-1 strap on/packing harnesses, the Tomboii Packing Boxer Briefs are as good as it gets. Although the Tomboii harness is on the pricier side, it comes with all of the bells and whistles. There’s an internal packing strap, space to add up to 3 bullet vibes, and even a small internal pocket to hold safer sex supplies. The 2 external o-rings allow for more flexibility with dildo positioning; they could also be used to hold two dildos at once.

Buy the Boundless Boxer Brief Harness at Betty’s Toy Box for $43.

Use the code “AUGUST” to save 10% sitewide!

I received this product from Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for my honest & unbiased review.

This post contains affiliate links.


1 Dildoodler wrote a hilarious review of this poorly named toy, which I highly recommend reading.
2 In an effort to preserve my dignity, I’m wearing underwear beneath the harness in these photos.
3 We’re talking about my (silicone) peen size here, not my traveling habits.
4 And when my partners are down for that as well. Consent is sexy!

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