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Review: Strange Bedfellas Ceela

Ceela is a blue and white fantasy dildo laying on its side. In this image, it's resting on top of some fir tree branches.

One of the more obscure ways my ADHD manifests itself is in my sex toy habits. Even when I really like a toy, it’s usually only a matter of time before I lose interest or forget about it. However, the Strange Bedfellas Ceela is one of the rare exceptions to this. Thanks to its unobtrusive base and squishy silicone, Ceela is one of my go-to toys for lazy masturbation.

Strange Bedfellas is a indie fantasy toy shop and small business located in Texas. Despite being a 3-person operation, SBF manages to create tons of beautiful & unique toys that are sold in biweekly inventory drops.[1]Biweekly as in every other week, not twice a week. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m convinced that the Strange Bedfellas team has unlocked a new level of silicone wizardry. They recently moved to a bigger workshop, which is both great news for them (more space to make more toys!) and bad news for my wallet.


Ceela is a fantasy dildo featuring a rounded head and a swell around its middle. Its shaft tapers just below the widest point of the shaft, allowing it to lock in place and function as a plug of sorts. There’s a bumpy texture that starts about halfway down the toy and continues to the bottom for increased sensation. Ceela’s texture doesn’t do much for me in regards to external stimulation, though.

The Strange Bedfellas Ceela, a blue and white fantasy dildo, facing towards the camera. There are some fir tree branches in the background.

Thanks to its flared base, Ceela is safe for anal play. With that said, it’s far beyond my level of anal expertise, so I haven’t tried it as a butt plug. Strange Bedfellas’ slim Aelit would probably be more my speed for butt stuff.

The Strange Bedfellas Ceela is sold in 4 sizes, ranging from small to noble (XL). The one I’m reviewing today is a small, although I recently bought a medium version as well. At the time of writing, Ceela is the only dildo that I own duplicates of – it’s really that good!

Although my small Ceela has a simpler appearance than my other SBF toys, it’s still very pretty. The upper shaft features a deep ocean blue, swirled together with a sparkly pearlescent white. Meanwhile, Ceela’s lower half is a shimmery white with icy blue highlights. There’s a subtle streak of pastel pink near the front of the base if you squint.

A rough sketch of Ceela's base, which has been labeled with its dimensions. The base is an oval-like shape; the longer side measures 2.7 inches in diameter, while the shorter side measures 1.75 inches in diameter. There's a part that sticks out at one end, vaguely resembling a fin.
A rough sketch of Ceela’s base, including the fin towards the bottom.


Small Ceela Measurements:

  • Total length: 5″
  • Usable length: 4″
  • Maximum diameter: 1.7″
  • Minimum diameter: 1.1″
  • Base diameter: 2.5 x 1.75″
  • Weight: 135 grams

Materials & Care

Ceela is made from body-safe platinum silicone. This means that it can be fully sterilized via boiling or run through the dishwasher.[2]I can’t stress this enough: please *do not* put sex toys in the dishwasher with detergent or other dishes. Since I only use this toy in one hole, soap & water are adequate for everyday cleaning. To prevent buildup of lube and other fluids, I use a soft toothbrush to scrub the textured parts of this toy.

I purchased my Ceela in Strange Bedfella’s soft firmness, which measures at 0030 shore durometer. In other words, the silicone feels very cushiony and flexible. When I place my thumb and pointer finger together, Ceela’s hardness level is comparable to my palm muscle.

A squish test of the Strange Bedfellas Ceela! Video has no sound.

This toy has a smooth, matte surface finish that holds on to lube well. Since silicone lube can damage silicone toys, I recommend using oil- or water-based lube with this dildo.


Due to how short this toy is, it can be hard to reach if you’re fat (like me) or have limited mobility (also me). Since I prefer using it as a plug, this isn’t a dealbreaker. However, it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a toy to thrust with.

Ceela’s base texture provides a better grip, but it can still get slippery when there’s lube involved. I’ve found the “fin” near the base helpful to grab onto, but YMMV. If you have problems with grip strength, Ceela might be challenging to remove.

The back side of the Strange Bedfellas Ceela has large, almost scale like bumps.

My Experience

Once inserted, the Strange Bedfellas Ceela’s swell locks in place nicely behind my pubic bone. Because of this, I’ve found it to be a great hands free toy. It’s ideal for the days when I’m experiencing wrist pain or don’t feel like putting in much effort, but still want a feeling of fullness while I masturbate. The soft, contoured base fits between my labia more comfortably than a round one would, so I rarely need to readjust Ceela once it’s in. Additionally, its short profile means that I don’t have to worry about it poking my cervix. This is truly a “set it and forget it” sex toy.

As far as internal stimulation goes, Ceela doesn’t provide much concentrated g-spot pressure. It’s not the type of toy that brings me mind blowing orgasms, and I can’t come using it on its own. However, it’s really pleasant to clench around while using another toy externally. Due to Ceela’s narrow base shape, there’s plenty of room for me to use a vibrator or mini penetrable while it’s still inserted. I can even use a wand vibrator alongside this, which I can’t say about most of my dildos.

In terms of size, I’ve found this to be perfect as a warm up toy or on its own. It’s tapered and squishy enough for me to insert without any preparation,[3]Other than lube! Lube is always a good idea. yet filling enough to be satisfying. When I’m in the mood for more girth, Ceela is a great starter toy to use before progressing to something bigger.

Ceela, a blue and white fantasy dildo, laying at an angle in a fir tree.


While the Strange Bedfellas Ceela isn’t the most intense toy that I own, the ability to use it hands free is a major draw for me. Whenever I’m having a bad pain day or simply can’t be bothered to work for my orgasms,[4]That might sound bad, but I’m on antidepressants so orgasms don’t always come easily. this is one of the first toys that reach for. It pairs nicely with most external vibrators, and the squishy silicone means that it’s super comfortable to use. When combined with the We-Vibe Tango X on my dick, the orgasms I have with this dildo are *chef’s kiss* level good.

My Recommendations

Whether you’re looking for a short but girthy fantasy toy, are a fan of lazy masturbation, or just want to try something different, I highly recommend this dildo! With prices starting at $35 for the small size, Ceela is a more affordable fantasy toy option that doesn’t compromise on quality.

You can buy Ceela from Strange Bedfellas’ inventory.

If they’re out of stock, try checking SBF’s Twitter account to find out when new inventory drops!

I purchased this toy independently, and was not compensated in the form of cash or a free toy.

This post contains affiliate links.


1 Biweekly as in every other week, not twice a week.
2 I can’t stress this enough: please *do not* put sex toys in the dishwasher with detergent or other dishes.
3 Other than lube! Lube is always a good idea.
4 That might sound bad, but I’m on antidepressants so orgasms don’t always come easily.

3 thoughts on “Review: Strange Bedfellas Ceela”

  1. Get a larger one! Trust me! I currently have a medium and it definitely makes me orgasm really well on its own. I’m getting a large very soon probably in extra soft. I never expected Ceela to become my favorite toy but it is hands down. And I have quite a few.

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