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Review: Portland Toy Company Prism

The Portland Toy Company Prism is a black and white semi-realistic dildo. It's pictured standing upright on a beige ceramic coaster, with navy blue fabric in the background.

When it comes to sex toy preferences, I’m usually stubborn and set in my ways. I have strong feelings about vibrator patterns, specifically that I hate them. I also tend to favor softer silicone toys over firmer ones. However, the Portland Toy Company Prism has made me reconsider that. 

The Prism is a girthy silicone dildo, made with g-spot or p-spot play in mind. While I can’t speak to its abilities as a prostate toy, it’s fantastic for intense g-spot stimulation. Because of this, the Prism is one of the go-to toys when I want to have my g-spot absolutely pounded.[1]Which is more often than not, if I’m being honest.


This dildo is handcrafted by Portland Toy Company, an artisan toy maker based in the Pacific Northwest. PTC is owned and operated by a nonbinary queer femme, Rosie, who founded the business in 2018. I’ve long admired their products from afar, so I’m excited to be reviewing one of their toys today. 

The Portland Toy Company Prism on top of a marbled ceramic tray, facing towards the camera.

Portland Toy Company’s mission is to create fun & functional sex toys for everyone, which is very much my jam. In a time when sex toy manufacturers often use “gender neutral” as a buzzword, I appreciate that Rosie actually does the work to make their business inclusive. For example, all of PTC’s toys have a flared base to make them anal safe. Because of this, Portland Toy Company’s products can be enjoyed by all genders and body types.


The Portland Toy Company Prism is a semi-realistic dildo featuring a thick shaft and pronounced coronal ridge. It has a somewhat unusual head shape: the glans is more squared off than I’m used to seeing on toys, and feels nearly flat towards the front. This also means that the head sometimes gets caught behind my pubic bone – more on that later.

My Prism is in Portland Toy Company’s Obsidian colorway, a stunning marble of black and pearly white. I especially love the ribbon-like details on the toy’s head; they vaguely remind me of either monster teeth or an open zipper.[2]I still haven’t decided on this – maybe both? Both is good. There are subtle flashes of silver mixed in, creating a shimmery effect when turned towards the light.

The Prism is laying down on a square ceramic tray. The toy's head is facing towards the camera; the rest of it is at sort of an angle.

This dildo is also available in orange, pink, blue or lavender color options. Since Portland Toy Company pours their products by hand, no two toys are exactly alike. All of their toys have a distinctive combo of ribbons, swirls and marbling, and the color distribution may vary from the stock photos on PTC’s website. Then again, that’s part of their appeal to me – I like knowing that my sex toys are completely unique. Embrace the mystery!


Portland Toy Company Prism measurements:

  • Total length: 6.5″
  • Usable length: 6″
  • Maximum diameter: 2″
  • Minimum diameter: 1.75″
  • Base diameter: 2.75″
  • Weight: 180 grams

The Prism’s flared base makes it both anal safe and harness compatible. To use it as a strap-on dildo, I recommend wearing it in a harness with a 2″ diameter O-ring. Harnesses with flexible O-rings (like the Spareparts Joque) would also work with this toy.

Materials & Care

I own the Prism in PTC’s standard single density firmness, which has a hardness rating of 20A. In other words, it feels pretty damn firm; this toy doesn’t bend or compress easily. Compared to toys I’ve previously reviewed, this dildo’s firmness is in between that of my Tantus toys and the Colours Pleasures dildo.

A closeup shot of the Prism's head, featuring the cool ribbon pattern that I love. There's a small patch of silicone just beneath the head that's less smooth than the rest of the toy, marked with a blue arrow.
A closeup of the surface imperfection.

This dildo is made from platinum cured silicone, a non-porous and fully sterilizable material. To give the Prism a deep clean, you can boil it, bleach it,[3]It’s best to use 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. Take care to wash the toy thoroughly afterwards! Never boil bleach. or run it through the dishwasher.[4]Make sure to use the Sanitize setting to kill off any bacteria, and don’t use dish detergent. It should go without saying, but sex toys should be washed alone without any dishes inside. For everyday cleaning purposes, soap and water work just fine. There’s no need to use fancy sex toy cleaners unless you really want to.

I did find a slightly textured area of silicone on the underside of the Prism’s head. However, it’s extremely subtle – I only noticed it after feeling the spot with my finger during cleaning. It’s also pretty small, about the size of a green pea.

After seeing similar markings on other handcrafted toys, I’m guessing that it’s from an imperfection in the mold used to cast the Prism. It isn’t a flaw of the toy itself, nor does it impact the Prism’s safety or use. Small quirks like this are common in artisan sex toys, so I’m not bothered by it at all.


Although the Portland Toy Company Prism’s sizable base provides a better grip at first, it can get fairly slippery when wet with lube or body fluids. Since this toy tends to make me squirt a lot, I found myself wishing for more length to hold on to while thrusting it. I was eventually able to make it work by sticking a suction cup dildo to the Prism’s base, effectively creating a double dildo & handle for the toy.

The Prism is shown with its base attached to a blue and white suction cup dildo. I'm holding the adapted version of the toy in my left hand.
My adapted version of the Prism, which I’ve affectionately dubbed The Frankendildo.

The Prism also works great as a stationary dildo – no thrusting needed! Thanks to its large square head, this toy can lock in place behind my pubic bone and stay in place once inserted. That leaves my hands free to do other things, which is always a plus. With that said, YMMV with this – I haven’t tried the Prism anally, so I can’t speak to its staying power as a butt plug.

My Experience

When I first unbagged the Portland Toy Company Prism, I was nervous that its firmness level might be too much for me. After testing it out, though, my fears quickly dissipated. While I usually dislike harder silicone toys, the firmness works out perfectly for this model. The Prism’s silicone is fairly unyielding, applying intense pressure to my g-spot at all times. Even if I’m thrusting this dildo a little recklessly, it never fails to massage the fuck out of my front wall.

There’s also something to be said about the shape of this dildo, which feels phenomenal in use. No matter how I insert it, the head always finds its way to my g-spot somehow. The size is perfect for me as well – this dildo has just the right amount of girth to be filling, while still being small enough to insert comfortably without warmup.

My only caveat is that the Prism’s head can sometimes get caught on my pubic bone if I’m not careful. It’s not the most comfortable sensation, but I wouldn’t consider it painful – mostly just a little jarring.

In Use

Since I’m able to orgasm from penetration alone, this dildo can make me come alarmingly fast if I’m thrusting it – we’re talking less than 3 minutes here. It’s been a while since I used such an aggressively g-spotty toy, so the force and intensity of my orgasms with the Prism always take me by surprise.

Because I usually like to draw things out, I prefer to insert the Prism and simply clench around while it using a vibrator or mini stroker in tandem. After having an orgasm from the external stimulation, I’ll start thrusting the Prism until I come again. My refractory period is basically nonexistent with this toy, so I can usually get off several times before I start to get tired.

Despite squirting being a frequent occurrence for me, this toy has taken it to a whole new level. It turns out that distance squirting is a thing I can do now, which is pretty cool and also gender euphoric! Being on T has likely contributed to this as well. Testosterone can cause an enlargement of the Skene’s gland, which is basically the AFAB equivalent of the prostate.[5]Sources from medical research here and here.

The Prism is turned to showcase the back side of the toy; it's standing up on a square ceramic tray.


The Portland Toy Company Prism’s girth, strong curve and generously sized head make this toy a top pick for g-spot stimulation. Between having the option to use this toy hands free or adapt it for a better grip, I appreciate that the Prism is easier to use than some of my other dildos – especially on days when I’m having higher pain levels and my mobility is more limited.

It’s also just so pretty, and I love knowing that it’s one of a kind. The Portland Toy Company Prism is currently my favorite vanilla[6]Vanilla, as in dildos that aren’t fantasy toys. dildo of the ones in my collection, and I can see myself using it for years to come.

My Recommendations

As much as I love this dildo, I know it’s not for everyone. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if this is the right toy for you, plus a few alternative options.

  • If you’re a fan of girth, aggressive g-spot/p-spot stimulation, and enjoy firmer toys, I highly recommend the standard density Prism!
  • For beginners or folks who simply prefer smaller toys, the Trinket is a great g-spot/p-spot dildo option.
  • The Dual Density Prism may be a good choice if you like the OG Prism’s shape, but prefer toys in softer silicone. This version of the Prism is made with a firm 20A silicone core, and a squishy 00-50 shore outer layer.
  • If you’re looking for a longer toy that’s easier to grip, you might enjoy the Gemini double dildo! Measuring in at 13 inches long, the Gemini is based off of Portland Toy Company’s popular iO model.

Buy the Prism for $69[7]Nice. at Portland Toy Company.

Use promo code “AUGUST” to save 10% sitewide!


I received this product from Portland Toy Company in exchange for my honest & unbiased review.

This post contains affiliate links.


1 Which is more often than not, if I’m being honest.
2 I still haven’t decided on this – maybe both? Both is good.
3 It’s best to use 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. Take care to wash the toy thoroughly afterwards! Never boil bleach.
4 Make sure to use the Sanitize setting to kill off any bacteria, and don’t use dish detergent. It should go without saying, but sex toys should be washed alone without any dishes inside.
5 Sources from medical research here and here.
6 Vanilla, as in dildos that aren’t fantasy toys.
7 Nice.

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